2013 GP4 AI (Up2Date Brazil GP)

First of all, this is not a revised version from 2012 GP4 AI :mrgreen:

You’ll have accurate laptimes in Ace level only. The included setups will make you able to beat computer cars in Ace level. You will find satisfactory results if you are an a keyboard player like me. I don’t know how the setups are going to work with a wheel. This pack has been tested on a standard gp4 install, with 2012 Unofficial Trackpack that it is possible to find floating “out there” … have fun :p

If you have any doubts, contact me at:


DOWNLOAD (mediafire) => 2013 Physics V.099.4


0.99.4 – All Stuff is redone
0.99.3 – Add 2013 performances
0.99.2 – New Model (still in development)
0.99.1 – Bugfix in Physics Model
0.99 – Internal Development

Thanks to all GP4 sites publishing this package.
Special thanks to Aubrey Windle (Physics Editor) and Prblanco (Performance Calculator).
Performance Analysis and Test Driving by Phantaman !!! … Enjoy ;0)