Boromo Supervelox Track (MagicData)

So … this is an unofficial magicdata version of Boromo Superveloz ;-)

[Magic Data]
FrontWing Player Dry=13
RearWing Player Dry=13
1stGear Player Dry=28
2ndGear Player Dry=34
3rdGear Player Dry=40
4thGear Player Dry=46
5thGear Player Dry=52
6thGear Player Dry=58
FrontWing Player Wet=15
RearWing Player Wet=15
1stGear Player Wet=26
2ndGear Player Wet=32
3rdGear Player Wet=38
4thGear Player Wet=44
5thGear Player Wet=50
6thGear Player Wet=56
FrontWing AI Dry=14
RearWing AI Dry=13
1stGear AI Dry=28
2ndGear AI Dry=34
3rdGear AI Dry=40
4thGear AI Dry=46
5thGear AI Dry=52
6thGear AI Dry=58
FrontWing AI Wet=15
RearWing AI Wet=15
1stGear AI Wet=26
2ndGear AI Wet=32
3rdGear AI Wet=38
4thGear AI Wet=44
5thGear AI Wet=50
6thGear AI Wet=56
Brake Balance Dry=5725
Brake Balance Wet=5675
Hard tyre=53
Soft tyre=52
Tyre type=0
Track grip=16774
Ride height=990
AI Grip=64768
AI Grip finetune=256
Power factor Ace=498
Grip factor Ace=516
Power factor Pro=498
Grip factor Pro=501
Power factor Semi-Pro=483
Grip factor Semi-Pro=483
Power factor Amateur=471
Grip factor Amateur=476
Power factor Rookie=444
Grip factor Rookie=475
Random performance Range min=512
Random performance Range max=2048
AI Errors=96
Spin recovery range=64
Sectors to pit in begin=5
Sectors to pit in end=5
Pre pit speed limit=13312
Fuel consumption Player=15892
Fuel consumption AI=16393
Tyre wear=14233
AI Race performance=3591
Weather percentage=19
AI Race grip=256
AI Tyres=9053
Black flag penalty=10000
Black flag=2048
Box Position=0
Garage Car Distance from pitlane=1814
Garage Car Distance from pitlane2=896
Garage Car orientation=0
Group 1 Pitstop=46
Group 1 stop 1=35
Group 1 Pit window 1=7
Group 2 Pitstop=46
Group 2 stop 1=14
Group 2 Pit window 1=10
Group 2 stop 2=48
Group 2 Pit window 2=8
Group 3 Pitstop=8
Group 3 stop 1=20
Group 3 Pit window 1=1
Group 3 stop 2=35
Group 3 Pit window 2=1
Group 3 stop 3=50
Group 3 Pit window 3=1
Failure chance suspension=0
Failure chance loose wheel=0
Failure chance puncture=0
Failure chance engine=1489
Failure chance transmision=744
Failure chance oil/water leak=0
Failure chance throttle/brake=1489
Failure chance electrics=0