Shanghai Track (MagicData)

Well, a change of scenery is always excellent.
So I chose today as THE DAY it would start working on a new trackpack to be used with my personal 2012 MOD. Unofficially, I got a copy of one that “out there” compiled by a well known user from … The intention is investigate why the lack of performance of my best known work (physics). As always, the “X” question is how to adapt magicdatas to new tracks. After exhaustive testings I came to this:

[Magic Data]
FrontWing Player Dry=16
RearWing Player Dry=16
1stGear Player Dry=24
2ndGear Player Dry=30
3rdGear Player Dry=36
4thGear Player Dry=42
5thGear Player Dry=49
6thGear Player Dry=55
FrontWing Player Wet=16
RearWing Player Wet=18
1stGear Player Wet=22
2ndGear Player Wet=28
3rdGear Player Wet=34
4thGear Player Wet=40
5thGear Player Wet=47
6thGear Player Wet=53
FrontWing AI Dry=17
RearWing AI Dry=16
1stGear AI Dry=24
2ndGear AI Dry=30
3rdGear AI Dry=36
4thGear AI Dry=42
5thGear AI Dry=49
6thGear AI Dry=55
FrontWing AI Wet=18
RearWing AI Wet=18
1stGear AI Wet=22
2ndGear AI Wet=28
3rdGear AI Wet=34
4thGear AI Wet=40
5thGear AI Wet=47
6thGear AI Wet=53
Brake Balance Dry=5700
Brake Balance Wet=5750
Hard tyre=55
Soft tyre=54
Tyre type=100
Track grip=15742
Ride height=1008
AI Grip=65024
AI Grip finetune=256
Power factor Ace=500
Grip factor Ace=488
Power factor Pro=499
Grip factor Pro=479
Power factor Semi-Pro=475
Grip factor Semi-Pro=474
Power factor Amateur=449
Grip factor Amateur=470
Power factor Rookie=435
Grip factor Rookie=470
Random performance Range min=512
Random performance Range max=2048
AI Errors=64
Spin recovery range=64
Sectors to pit in begin=16
Sectors to pit in end=5
Pre pit speed limit=16384
Fuel consumption Player=15892
Fuel consumption AI=16349
Tyre wear=17306
AI Race performance=3377
Weather percentage=10
AI Race grip=512
AI Tyres=13960
Black flag penalty=10000
Black flag=2048
Box Position=0
Garage Car Distance from pitlane=1814
Garage Car Distance from pitlane2=896
Garage Car orientation=0
Group 1 Pitstop=7
Group 1 stop 1=32
Group 1 Pit window 1=1
Group 2 Pitstop=93
Group 2 stop 1=20
Group 2 Pit window 1=12
Group 2 stop 2=39
Group 2 Pit window 2=9
Group 3 Pitstop=0
Group 3 stop 1=0
Group 3 Pit window 1=0
Group 3 stop 2=0
Group 3 Pit window 2=0
Group 3 stop 3=0
Group 3 Pit window 3=0
Failure chance suspension=0
Failure chance loose wheel=0
Failure chance puncture=0
Failure chance engine=1489
Failure chance transmision=744
Failure chance oil/water leak=744
Failure chance throttle/brake=0
Failure chance electrics=0