2012 GP4 AI (Up2Date Brazil GP)

This is a revised version for 2012 GP4 AI. It will update the performances for human and computer controlled cars to 2012 Season level. Means you’ll get much better and realistic car physics, top speeds and lap times for each drivers of the 2012 F1 Season.

You’ll have accurate laptimes in Ace level only. The included setups will make you able to beat computer cars in Ace level. You will find satisfactory results if you are an a keyboard player like me. I don’t know how the setups are going to work with a wheel. This pack has been tested on a standard gp4 install, with GP4 Unofficial 2012 MOD & also with 2012 Trackpack that it is possible to find floating “out there” … have fun :p

If you have any doubts, contact me at:


DOWNLOAD (mediafire) => 2012 GP4 AI

Thanks to all GP4 sites publishing this package.
Special thanks to Aubrey Windle (Physics Editor) and Prblanco (Performance Calculator).
Performance Analysis and Test Driving by Phantaman !!! … Enjoy ;0)